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I’ve been less critical of Call of Duty Ghosts than others, but it hasn’t stopped me from thinking about what’s next in the COD series. A lot of long time COD fans were critical of Ghosts. Is it time for a refresh or something out of this world? It’s quite clear that Ghosts fell flat in terms of hype vs. demand. In large part that can be blamed on the timing of the release and the launch of the next generation consoles. Not perfect timing that’s for sure.

So this brings me to discuss Future Warfare and whether or not Call of Duty could make a move to something more futuristic. Afterall, how many redo’s of the current weapons can they expect fans to flock over? I think Ghosts was a hint of where the gaming community is at right now.

Also consider the next big competitor to the Call of Duty franchise. That would be Bungie’s Destiny. In you like, throw in Halo 5 as a real competitor to COD. The theme is what? Destiny and Halo have a futuristic flavor to them. If you think about it, strictly from a competitive and business perspective, it makes sense for Activision to look at move in a Future Warfare direction. It would refresh the franchise and at the same time it would actually compete with their greatest threats. Make no mistake about it, Destiny will be a big game and Call of Duty needs a solid response to the threat.

So the question I have is this. Are you excited about the thoughts of a Call of Duty Future Warfare game? Is being more like Halo for example a good thing or a bad thing?

I’m officially now on record as saying it’s a good move for Activision if in fact they go in this direction. Given the timelines and yearly releases, if this is indeed the future of COD, we should be hearing some nice juicy leaks soon enough.

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  1. Sunny June 23, 2014 at 6:23 pm #

    Advanced Warfare is going a little bit more into the future than Black Ops 2 for example. (- hmhh … this sentence sound wrong for me, time isn’t a line but nevermind).

    I like the story in CoD: Ghosts, because Infinity took a little bit of more risk in creating an alternative world/reality … whatever :p

    I think they should realy go more into the future. Maybe not with Treyarchs game (CoD 2015) “Black Ops 3″ might be a prequel with some WWII scenarios. A lot of people want that too.

    But I think: What about Ghosts 2?

    Sure the storyline with Logan has to continue. And I like Rorke as a figure – kinda intressting. I think he is ideal to become a more complex character than only the “bad guy.”
    Additional – why not add a second timeline (similar to Black Ops 2) into the campaign. Placed much more far in the future – based on the events of Ghosts and Ghosts 2 itself; and the alternative world/reality of course.


    It will come out 2016 if they don’t change their shedule – and why should Activision? (2014 Advanced, 2015 BO3//WWII, 2016 Ghosts 2 – sounds alright.)
    This means it needs to come out on next generation. And this means it needs to be something special – like the other games. And don’t forget the hardware plus.

    Ghosts itself was a more risky thing for Infinity. Ghosts 2 needs to take at least the same risk like the jump from Modern Warfare to Ghosts. Especially after the feedbacks. And the fact Zampella left :S

    I know that every CoD studio needs or wants to say: “Hey, look our stuff is realistic”. Going much more into the future will make that job very hard. But inside the alternative world of Ghosts this aspect becomes … hmhh … lets say: more controllable.

    Iam not from the USA and not very … whatever – but I like the “conservative” setting in CoD Ghosts.
    Going much more into the future brings always the risk of creating something to “naive” or even “childish” maybe “fussy”, but with the right balance it could work very well. And I thing the characters of Ghosts might be the trick.

    Also I speak over a “second timeline” inside the campaign – this will also make it longer, good for Single Players like me. Rorke or Logan are old men (maybe leaders in the federation … or even dead already – who knows), but the events of the past are important – and you can play them via “hearing stories”, “reading stuff” or whatever – just similar to Black Ops 2.

    And we were with Ghosts in space already – would be stupid not to use that little fact :D. (I always try to fly to the sun in the space missions – but it is always saying: I left the level. … why the sun? … hmhh … if we still speak over future story lines, I would say: a lot of useable power there ;p … )

  2. Sunny June 24, 2014 at 3:45 am #

    Oh … and sorry for my bad English (last comment). English is only my second language – and I have had bad teachers.

    Yap … and it is:
    “I thinK” and “the strange thinG”. Ya :p

    Btw: Nice CoD side. I wonder why I didn’t found it before.

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